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Systems Strategy Session

You know that there is a BETTER WAY but you're just not sure how or where to start.

You want to get up to date with the technology and tools that you are using, but trying to work out what to use is overwhelming and you are just not sure which way to go.

You are under the pump and feel crazy busy all the time but have no time to fix it.

We will revolutionise the way that you do work to SAVE you time, stress and money.

When you book your session this is what you can expect:


Over the course of a few hours we will walk through a business review to look at where your business is at right now, what your frustrations are, what your time suckers are, and how you could do things a different way to help save you time, money and have you feeling more confident about HOW things are happening in your business.


If we know of something that can instantly help you, we will tell you. Then and there. We will also include it in your action plan (see below) so you don't have to worry about taking notes and instead concentrate on getting the most out of the session.


Within a week of speaking to us, you will have an action plan emailed to you, that you can take away and implement into your business straightaway

Just some of the ways these strategy sessions have helped other businesses

Get some clarity

When you look at your own business, it can be hard to take a really critical look at what you are doing. Having an outsider come in to review what you are doing can help to remove the blindfold and give you some clarity around what is going on, ideas on how to tackle your fires and get you back some of that all important time.

Stop the frustration for yourself and for your team

We understand that the way that things are done can cause incredible frustration for yourself and for your team. Review your processes with a view to making them efficient, effective and exciting.

Get your systems linked and working together

Systems that don't work together can cause bottlenecks, wasted resources, increased costs and inefficiency. When they are working well they can significantly improve customer satisfaction, productivity, efficiency and morale within the workplace. 
Provide consistency to your customers
Getting to know and understand your customer flow is critical to your business success. Relax knowing that every customer is receiving the outcome that they are expecting and the standard of care that they deserve.

Optimise your business and get it running efficiently and smoothly

Time is a valuable commodity that you can never get back. Having a business that is running efficiently and smoothly will allow you to have more time to spend on revenue-generating activities or to do the things you love with the people you love.

What People Are Saying:

“Recently we met with Pip Meecham for a Systems Strategy Session. One week later during the absolute busiest season of the year, we were issued with an 18 page report that will certainly remove not some but all the pain points in our business. It has crystal clear steps that's not difficult to read or follow. Pip provides necessary links and contact details within every step and recommendation that she has personally researched for our specific business. It is clear, none of what she has written in our report is recycled, completely 100% research specific for our business. Pip truly cares, she cares about empowering business owners with necessary systems so they can have more quality time with their families and improved return. If you need help, you don’t necessarily need to work out what it is before you book. Just book and she’ll figure it all out during the strategy meeting! Thankyou so much Pip!”

Nikole Gray - Greenstone Health

“In a 5 minute phone call Pip saved me about an hour a day - I receive about 300 emails a day, and with Pips help I have now streamlined things so I only receive about 10, without missing anything. Thanks heaps Pip - I look forward to working with you more in the future!”

Nicole Marsh | Eureka Property

“Pip has been absolutely invaluable to my business and myself. I can't believe how much this systemising stuff has improved the efficiency of my business and my own productivity. The way she breaks it down for you eliminates the overwhelm and she takes the boring out of it. The templates make it all so much quicker and easier, the hacks are worth 10 times the price and Pip's wealth of knowledge, experience and support is truly priceless. I can see the value of my business skyrocketing while the need for me to constantly be in my business has been reduced - I can hear that holiday calling my name - stress free, worry free and email free because I have the processes and systems for my team to follow. OMG thank you so much Pip. I never thought I'd say this about systems, but I can't wait to get more done! (that just means more free time for me!) I highly recommend joining the mastermind and whatever else Pip offers because you will be sitting in a gold mine of business tools and resources that, once you know they're there, you can't live without.”

Steph Zahalka | Jungle Design Studios

“I had Pip come in and do a systems analysis for us, what we had and what we still needed to do. I had been overwhelmed about what still needed to be done. She sat with me, asked key questions and came back with an easy to assimilate list and I got three things done in the first half hour of having the list. Prior to this I knew what needed doing but wasn't doing any of it because I wasn't sure where to start. Thanks Pip!! 💝”

Debra Yuille | Media Glue

“A big thank you to Pip & ProjectBox! Amazing session today with so much guidance and wonderful tips that I’ve already started implementing to make my systems and processes work more efficiently for my business. Pip is so full of knowledge and I can’t recommend her services highly enough 🙂”

Tammy Ben-Moha | Gina's Charms